"Out of all three of my children, this pregnancy/birth experience has by far been the best! I have never felt so cared for during and after my pregnancy.  My midwives were so knowledgeable and so helpful with anything that I needed.  I just can't say enough about how wonderful this whole experience has been, and I often recommend others go this route!  I will definitely be choosing midwifery care and a home birth with all of my future children to come!"  ~MJE


10 lbs 1 oz! Midwives are more surprised than mama.

10 lbs 1 oz! Midwives are more surprised than mama.

“Sonya and her student midwife Jessa were an asset to my pregnancy. I had access to like-minded women who wanted to support and encourage me to achieve a healthy pregnancy and safe delivery of my second child. On my big day, I had already established a relationship with these women, so my mind was completely at ease when they arrived in my home, and I labored with their support and without unnecessary interventions. I am grateful to have found this quality of care so local!” ~AW

“I wanted a more hands on approach for my and my baby’s medical care. I wanted to make sure I had a relationship with my care team so I could feel confident that they had my best interests in mind. With pregnancy and birth being such an intimate experience, the midwifery model of care felt like the obvious choice. I received all of these things while working with Brainerd Lakes Midwifery.”

“I appreciate the extended time spent during midwifery appointments. Sonya took the time and interest in our family and how things were going beyond just the growth of my abdomen. I also appreciate being treated as the decision maker in my care. I was never told what to do and any decision was made by me with input from the midwifery team.”

“I loved the length of my visits. I didn’t appreciate until the birth how all those hours of chatting would translate into a feeling of trust when I was at my most vulnerable.”

“Sonya takes the time to listen, and doesn’t cause any extra anxiety when I might be worried about something. She’s calm, level-headed and laid back. She’s also knowledgeable. Really, I mostly like that she knows me and I feel like I know her (more than I ever have with a doctor).”

“I love Sonya’s competent, quiet, hands off (when appropriate) approach to birth. Her availability and home visits for postpartum care are helpful.”

“My midwife could commiserate with several of my personal challenges and was always available to help us through them. It makes such a difference having a caregiver that you feel ‘gets’ you.”