Care with Brainerd Lakes Midwifery Includes:

Free initial consult visit

Complete prenatal care, including office visits for regularly scheduled appointments:

  • monthly through 28 wks pregnant

  • twice monthly through 36 wks

  • weekly from 36 wks until the birth of your baby

Nutritional counseling

Routine lab draws in office

Prenatal home visit at 36-37 weeks

Home birth

Water birth (with limited pool rentals also available)

Two to four in-home postpartum visits in the first week

Comprehensive postpartum care through 6 weeks

Newborn care package through 6 weeks of age

VBAC supportive

Newborn metabolic and critical congenital heart defect (CCHD) screening

Newborn hearing screening

Extensive lending library

Birth certificate/SSN filing

Breastfeeding education, support and referrals

In-house insurance billing

Referrals to area practitioners for ultrasound, medical consults, and supportive services (including doulas, childbirth education classes, placental encapsulation specialists, pediatricians/MDs, chiropractors, massage therapists, lactation specialists, etc.)